Local SEO tips for small businesses: Get found locally!

The age of the internet has made the world into one big shopping plaza, with businesses from one corner of the world vying for consumer’s attention in
another corner. Big multinational corporations are spending billions of dollars to carve themselves a BIG slice of the global pie. So how can small
businesses compete against those giants?

Here are a few tips that will help you make your mark in the highly competitive world! Learn more here.

  1. Optimize your digital footprint: Invest as much time (and money!) as you can afford in developing your digital profile. Your website, blog or other
    online presence is your “digital personality”, and it is what attracts customers to you. Optimize your content properly, choose domain names
    carefully, and cater to local content (references to nearby locations, mentioning local events etc.) where it makes sense.

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Online shopping: The 5 biggest industries

Retail e-commerce has seen explosive growth over the past decade or more. And more and more shoppers have become savvy enough to rely on online shopping sites as their primary source to purchase every necessity (and luxury!) of life.

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One estimate puts growth of retail e-commerce, just in the U.S alone, at over 400% between 2002 and 2013. Another well known source[1] estimates that Business-to-Consumer (B2C) sales worldwide is likely to grow to $2.357 trillion by 2017, a nearly 123% jump since 2012!

Online shopping has become so pervasive, that online shoppers even go out of their way to visit brick-and-mortar stores first, to inspect the merchandise, and then buy online. So let’s take a look at 5 industries that are changing our retail lives by leading the way in online shopping.

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The Battle of Search Engines: Who’s your daddy now?

Remember in the days gone by, when America On Line Inc. (AOL) was the only internet player in the entire world? Well no longer is there a monopoly of search engines. Today, there are at least three major (and several smaller) players in the market, Google, Yahoo and Bing. Though there’s just one undisputed king amongst them.


According to research firm comScore, the leader of the pack still remains Google, even as recently as June 2014. With almost 68% of the search market under its domain, Google overshadows its other rivals by a country mile!

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To Google or not to Google?

While size (we’re talking ‘market share’ here people!) does matter, Google has done a lot more than just grow big.

  • It is the undisputed leader in search engine innovation
  • It has built a range of value-added tools, including Google Maps, Google Street Views and AddWords advertising
  • Google has technology that ensures speed, accuracy and relevance to searches that none of the others can rival

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